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Energy Industry


  • Bring an innovative sales promotion tool
  • Enable interactive presentation of the offer to the customer
  • Building a solution that will be easy to develop and maintain


  • Using AWS technology
  • Fully responsive environment
  • A scalable solution
  • Architecture on the diagram below
  • Management of the team and project capacity
  • Proactive approach in designing possible solutions
  • Evidence of risks and their mitigation in a multi-round test
  • Identification of individual managers' interests and diplomatic communication
  • Mapping and recording the entire business and technical process
  • Piloting on a smaller project and documenting the benefits to the teams involved
  • Leadership skills and knowledge transfer to other team members


  • Low support from the IT department of ČS
  • A specific topic of sales and offers
  • Limited business capacity to support the creation of assignments for the application
  • Emphasis on the effectiveness of solutions

Outstanding Results

  • Immediate positive feedback and adaptation of the application into operation
  • Trouble-free operation for 2 years in production
  • Sales of the product increased by 10%
  • Successful Completion of 2.5 year Project Involving Entire Customer Base in Four Phases
  • Migration of all customer data, resulting in zero disruption to our customers
  • Saving hundreds of millions of dollars in potential revenue loss through instrumental migration approach
  • The top management awarded us with recognition for delivering exceptional results



Thanks to our long-term cooperation with ČS, we also came to this specific need of Energie ČS as a member of the group. We immediately took the presented challenge as our own, because we saw a really great added value in this project.

High level architecture of the solution

Energie ČS was really surprised that within two months their traders had a tool that increased their efficiency by tens of percent and at the same time provided a new visual experience for their clients

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