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For many years, Granton has provided IT and business experts with a specialization in system development and integration. Our proven track record demonstrates the ability to successfully deliver projects across various industries and technologies, showcasing our competence through numerous use cases.

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Focus areas

System Development and Integration

Focus on building scalable and efficient systems by seamlessly integrating multiple components. Adopting modern methodologies enables faster time-to-market, while ensuring system compatibility and interoperability maximizes efficiency.

Process Optimization

Our workflow optimization aims to enhance efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining processes. This results in increased productivity and reduced waste, ultimately minimizing costs through process optimization.

Strategy Consulting

Our services involve assisting companies in effectively managing regulatory and compliance challenges, providing valuable insights and suggestions for company restructuring. Moreover, identifying and pursuing new business opportunities.

Data Analysis

Our expertise lies in implementing robust data governance and quality management processes, designing and implementing data visualization tools to enhance insights. We utilize statistical analysis techniques to identify trends and patterns within data.

Azure Experience

By developing and deploying applications on Microsoft Azure, we ensure security and compliance. Additionally, we specialize in implementing hybrid cloud solutions with Microsoft Azure, while also leveraging the platform to create AI and machine learning solutions.


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