CRM system delivery

Energoporadce (energy and gas supplier solution)

This web application was developed based on cloud services of AWS (Amazon Web Services) for a major electricity and gas supplier on the Czech market. The timeline from the first appointment until its implementation was 4 months. The main advantage of the server-less solutions used here is unlimited scalability and performance of the application. One part of the solution was also to design an ergonomic user interface which a top Czech graphic designer and expert in UX/UI contributed to.

CRM migration for

T-Mobile CZ

Granton led the CRM migration for more than 2 million customers. With help from an international team, we were delivering a new generation CRM solution that currently services more than 4 million customers in digital world.

CRM implementation

Generali Česká pojišťovna

Granton continuously participates in the transformative Non-Life Consolidation project. We were successful in implementing a new CRM interface for 5 products in 3 years, introduce Core integration and dozens more linked systems.