Connecting for Success:

Strategy Consulting in

the Telecom Industry

Key Numbers

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Decrease of costs on Back-office activities


Processes analysed

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For implementation


Telecom Industry


  • Reduce costs on Back office activities.
  • Map Back-office processes to their owners.
  • Implement new digital technologies in Back office processes.

Outstanding Results

70% decreasing of Back office costs.


  • Transform back-office activities into automated processes.
  • Analyse current processes and define unambiguous processes.
  • Define measurement criteria for management performance reports.


  • Deep knowledge of new IT technologies.
  • Thoroughly mapping all back-office processes along with their respective time allocations.
  • Engaging in intensive communication with B-1 managers to support and integrate analysis findings into daily operations.



The customer is one of our early clients, and leveraging our extensive knowledge of their IT and business environment, we provided support to this organization in tackling this challenging task.

We leverage our expertise to assist our clients in driving organizational changes that support their growth and effectiveness.

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