Navigating the Future:

Strategy Consulting in

the Insurance Industry

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Insurance Industry


  • Enhance efficiency and collaboration between the IT and business departments.
  • Achieve cost savings in IT expenses.
  • Prepare enhancements for business and IT strategy.

Outstanding Results

  • Achieving a reduction in IT costs of over 10%.
  • Positive feedback from Board members.


  • Insufficient communication between IT and Business representatives.
  • Divergent organizational goals among departments.
  • Lack of experience with business strategy methodologies.


  • Development of new job descriptions for critical project roles.
  • Consolidate communication channels and IT support systems to streamline project documentation and information tracking.



  • Traditional Waterfall approach 
  • Frequent modification to tasks during Release (REL)
  • Extended time-to-market
  • Analysts hand off delivery upon entry of handover
  • Frequent re-prioritization due to critical Change Requests (CHRs)
  • Four comprehensive RELs per year incurring significant expenses

Based on our experience of helping companies and uncovering process-related problems, we often come across significant issues with business analysis. This is why we've created a set of workshops to help our clients tackle this particular problem.

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