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in the Banking Industry

Key Numbers

B level

Three strategic workshop delivered


Banking Partners

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Positive feedback


Banking Industry


  • Deliver framework for strategic discussion
  • Facilitate discussion, bring GCPs from other industries and help with goal prioritization

Outstanding Results

  • Positive feedback from all board members
  • Continue working on the implementation of defined organizational changes


  • Ensure sufficient opportunity for all interested parties to participate and contribute.
  • Thoroughly identify and acknowledge all stakeholders involved in the process.
  • Accomplish synergy by aligning the strategic direction and overarching vision for the entire company.


  • CHRs and MVPs faster to production
  • Higher value is delivered: more effective prioritization, measurement of benefits and closure of initiatives. 
  • More effective collaboration within the Trib and between interconnected teams.
  • Progressive automation and separation of systems thanks to technology.
  • Higher tolerance for error and risk (launching initiatives that are not completely preconceived).
  • Increase in ownership: team change, ability to influence the product, responsibility for budget/goals.



  • Significant volume of Waterfall projects
  • Involvement of 2,500 personnel in project deliveries
  • Difficult management of individual products and projects
  • Need for extensive expertise among management staff
  • Extended Time-to-Market for smaller requirements and Change Requests (CHRs)
  • Some employees show gaps in knowledge and proactivity.

During our workshops we focus on the development of both analysts and the analysis itself. Delivering the desired value, cost reduction and growth of ROI.

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