Our holistic approach encompasses not only talent acquisition but also strategic guidance to support our clients in achieving their organizational goals. Using our extensive expertise and profound understanding of the industry, we provide invaluable insights and suggestions to enhance their workforce planning, talent management, and overall business strategies.

This guarantees sustained success and progressive growth in the long run. We are pleased to offer implementation services to complement our consultation efforts. This includes process adjustments, presentations of changes, team training, documentation provision, and support tool offerings.

Our Approach

Initial Workshop

Where we touch basis of client’s issues and talk about general options for managing a delivery process from the beginning to an end.

A-Z Workshop

Where we analyse and point out biggest obstacles and bottle necks, that our client needs to overcome.

Assessment Workshop

Where we propose solutions for the issues identified within previous stages, prepare a roadmap and milestones on how to achieve the desired state.

Benefits obtained

with Granton

With an extensive experience across various industries we know how to add value from every perspective. We are independent observers, so we can provide honest assessment. We know different methodologies and strategies and can help with choosing the correct one. We have learned our lesson, we know the best practices and also what to avoid.

Business analysis shortcomings
We help companies identify issues within their processes, we are often faced with severe shortcomings on the business analysis side.
Workshop focus
During these workshops we focus on the development of both analysts and the analysis itself, delivering the desired value, cost reduction and growth of ROI.
We systematically address each section of business analysis, catering to the level of assistance required. Our workshops vary in duration and are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.
Alena Andršová
Project coordinator