About Granton

Granton began as a vision of a space for collaboration, communication, and connection. I had a dream of creating opportunities for technically and socially minded individuals of diverse skill sets. I was a seasoned Telecommunications and Consulting Expert, and my experience in the field revealed my passion for fair treatment, individual investment, and personal training in the workplace, along with quality care for customers. These values were my motivation and inspiration for founding Granton in autumn 2012.

I began Granton as a small supplier of resources and quickly excelled in production and delivery of digital projects and solutions. I recruited people who were interested in pursuing top technological projects with large companies under a unified brand. My clients' requests offered opportunities for widening skills and experience so my team could enhance their professional interest. I provided support and resourced my teams to be indispensable. Granton now proudly offers high-quality technical resources, projects, and solutions through the age of the digital economy.

I'm honored to say that, as Granton has evolved over the years, the core values remain the same. Our success and the determination of our ever-growing teams empower and encourage us to continue persevering and expanding to bring innovation to our prestigious and valued customers.

Jan Kuba