Behind the Scenes: A Look into Granton with Lucie Richterová

Hi Lucie (: pleasure to meet you and welcome on board! Could you tell us a bit about yourself, before and now in Granton? your actual role as well (:

I’ve been in Granton for eight months and I entered Granton because I was searching for an option  in the IT field after working in bank procurement as an administrative officer. Since the IT field is a very dynamic world, the world is changing very quickly at the moment. I find this sector quite aspiring and stable. I started studying a college program on career guidance counseling and education that focused on psychology and HR. When I found the Granton position, I felt it was unique and quickly signed the contract. The process was simple and amazing. I applied on Thursday,and by the next Wednesday I was signing the contract. Although IT recruiting was new for me, I found it interesting and dynamic.

I also started helping the HR team with event planning. So I enjoy my position on the ground. However, I had difficulty balancing work and school, so I decided to put my studies on hold for one year to focus on my family and job, spending quality time with my beloved ones. And I feel I am learning something new every day at Granton and I’m not disappointed with my decision.

What do you enjoy most about working in Granton?

What I like about it is that the atmosphere is both professional and fun, and everyone is able to make fun of themselves. The team is also smart and interested in many fields, creating an inspirational environment. The second thing I appreciate is my colleagues can compliment each other and have respectful discussions even when there are negative topics to discuss. Also, I feel supported by the headquarters, they are open to discussing potential career changes and support me as they are (probably 😊) happy with my work.

Do you think the cultural environment at Granton follows a similar pattern from other companies you have worked before?

I will definitely say not, I find Granton very unique. For example, every week my mentor, Bara, and I discuss tasks I was assigned to last week. We also talk about whether I found any obstacles and personally, I haven’t experienced this kind of approach before.  Granton’s approach is not solely focused on numbers and metrics. I feel the company values my opinions and feelings, as well, which makes me feel included. 

Would you like to share what a normal day looks like for you? How do you start your day?

I usually stay two days in the office and the rest I work from home. Whenever I’m working from home I do more LinkedIn searching and also more screenings. For example, last month I was devoted to our onboarding project so I worked on this at home and when I’m at the office, it’s more about meetings with colleagues, discussing recruitment updates and finding out what is new about the deals. 

A normal day will be then, waking up at 6 am, I will prepare myself and the kids for their school, some snacks and breakfast, since my husband leaves for work even earlier.  I begin work at 8:15 or 8:30 am,  until 2 or 3pm, with a lunch break, and then switch to a “mother mode” -like school pick ups and after school activities and also I spend some time doing household chores and sports activity. Despite having a busy schedule, I strive to finish tasks in the office and appreciate colleagues’ respect for my free time. For example, if they need to call me later they are very apologetic like “Lucy, I’m very sorry can I disturb you for…”, for me it’s not a problem to answer a couple of things through phone calls, but I really appreciate the fact they asked me. 

How does Granton support your personal and professional development?

I answered this partly before, with my need for part time at the moment, they are happy with my work and anytime I would like to enlarge my allocation or devote to some other field, I’m more than happy to and they are also  actively encouraging me to take trainings courses. For example, the mentoring program, which I plan to start next month, with a coach who is not from their internal team and is focused on soft skills. Since I would like to improve my IT skills, I’m interested in learning more about agile and scrum.

What words would you use to describe our work culture that you think will encourage others to be part of Granton?

Caring and supportive, one thing which I see also among the consultants is that if there is somebody who wants to fulfill her/his dream or who is not satisfied with their current project or is finding their passion in a new field will be supported here at Granton. The headquarters take it quite seriously and they respect it and find a way to manage it. For example, by trying to find other tasks where one could learn on the job. 

Can you share a time when you felt particularly engaged or fulfilled while working here?

I think every time there is some deal which is important for the whole team in Granton. For example, a deal which could bring a new client for us – I can see that we all try our best to find the potential consultants or contractors, it’s always a little bit exciting.

The second thing is we want to pursue some volunteering opportunities, which is now getting more common. Recently, I introduced the idea of company volunteering to two girls from the HR team. They were very happy about it and we quickly organized a small group of volunteers to do some gardening work at a  center for people with special needs. I’m happy that we can spend the day together doing something that will make us feel good and give back to the community. I’ve been following some people who are more involved in charity events and I appreciate those who give back more. Bara was also very supportive of this idea, and she’s the one who kept asking me about it. So big thank you to her and other girls as well.

How do you see yourself growing with Granton in the future?

I am happy with how things are going at the moment. I want to keep my options open and not limit myself to any specific role. Right now, I want to gain more experience in IT recruitment and possibly learn about event planning tasks as well. Currently, I see myself as a member of the internal team, and I’m willing to take on new tasks and learn as much as I can. I don’t have any grand expectations at the moment, but I’m happy with where I am.

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