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Business energy solutions


  • Increasing competencies on Energy field teams, so they can prepare functional design in such quality that reduces necessary IT involvement, follow up efforts, reworks etc.
  • Shortening the delivery time of Business requirements in IT, through handover of unambiguous functional designs.
  • Streamlining the process of Business analysis to improve efficiency, quality and communication between teams.
  • Increasing Energy field teams’ ability to manage priorities and evaluate Business case of requirements by quicker cost estimates from IT side.
  • Establishing a team with a clear responsibility for BA and necessary know-how.


  • Streamline IT delivery. Bring in experiences from other industries.
  • Improve efficiency in IT delivery. Leverage insights from different sectors.
  • Enhance IT delivery effectiveness
  • Incorporate knowledge from diverse fields


  • Our client needed to establish a consistent approach for handling project requests.
  • Define the completeness of project requirements.
  • Propose an optimal project implementation process.

Outstanding Results

Very positive feedback regarding the extension of our services for another six months.

"Our goal is not only to develop a methodology for implementation, but also to design a completely new system that is customised to meet specific needs and environmental requirements"



  • Many Business analysis tasks must be elaborated with involvement of IT teams
  • Fragmented Business analysis increases time and financial costs to evaluate business case of requirements.
  • Increased costs and long delivery times of IT projects on the Energy field teams.

The Journey



New Order System

We provided the client with key developers who had experience with custom JAVA development built on open source solutions. Additionally, we supplied a program manager and a key person responsible for the business architecture of the solution.

Merge of company systems

On the project, we provided a specialist for system analysis and data migration. Over the course of two years, we gradually merged individual Core systems and were able to migrate data into a unified format and storage.


We lead an analytical team whose task is to analyze in detail manual tasks in the Back Office department and propose their automation and simplification.


We supply a technical architect who is responsible for the complete delivery of a common portal solution for multiple countries. Despite the complicated delivery structure, we were able to launch the first two phases within the defined scope and time.



Goals and team definitions
Meeting with stakeholders, setting goals with sponsors, providing a business analyst, establishing a team with representatives from the project office, business, and IT. Additionally, presenting the plan and defining the cooperation model.
AS-IS Analysis and quick wins suggestion
Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of previous functional designs, evaluating the current business analysis process, shadowing the business during the creation of functional designs, suggesting improvements that can be implemented quickly, and presenting findings and recommendations to sponsors for the next steps.
Pilot and feedback collection
Preparing documentation, tools, environment, and communication for implementing selected improvements, leading the business analysis for the chosen functional design, testing the implemented improvements in practice, collecting feedback on the improvements, and gathering additional suggestions and data.
Findings and next steps presentation
Analysing implemented improvements, obtaining data and feedback, listing potential improvements in functional design, business competencies, and business analysis process, analysing costs, benefits, and time consumption. Presenting findings to key stakeholders and sponsors, as well as proposing a plan to achieve additional objectives.

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