Azure Amplified:

Empowering Granton

to Soar

Ten years of expertise

Learning from industry giants and mastering company processes

We notice the potential in companies to digitalize and automate processes where employee efficiency can be further optimized.

We develop a comprehensive solution encompassing costs and benefits, and seamlessly implement the entire solution using cutting-edge technologies.

We possess the capability to thoroughly analyze a company's internal processes, identify the most suitable areas for automation.

Benefits obtained

with Granton

We focus on automating data flows using Artificial Intelligence and robotic tools by:

Data extraction: from various sources and formats such as PDF files, spread sheets, databases, images, videos, voice recordings, etc.
Preparation and storage of the data in appropriate repositories (CRM systems, databases, financial systems, etc.) along with client’s needs.
We create relevant reports for the client to have a comprehensive overview.
We ensure the necessary architecture and security.
Process Analysis
Together we will have a look at the processes you have been using at your company, analyse them and suggest the ones that are suitable for automation.
Solution Design
Within a framework of your chosen processes for automation.
Appliance of the agreed solutions are implemented
Information for the implemented solution are handed over. And keeping in touch with you in case of any maintenance is required.

Inspiring Examples of

Implemented Projects

CRM data input automation

  • With the OCR solution, you can just take a photo with your mobile phone of, for example, an ID card/passport and all the necessary data will be automatically uploaded to the client database.
  • Automation tools such as Azure Power Apps allow you to synchronize data from mail or other repositories to CRM.

Invoice process automation

  • All the tedious and repetitive work that was required for each invoice (receive email, read invoice data, control invoice data, insert data to reporting/CRM/Finance systems, respond back to contractor) was transferred from our HR person to the Artificial Intelligence process.

First level support automation

  • The implementation of chatbots and voicebots have the potential to save thousands of hours per month.
  • When the request is automatically checked by AI, it will always contain such information that can be handled as per client‘s request.

Chat BOT/ Voice BOT

  • Reduce costs by answering customer queries instead of having a physical person sitting at the computer.
  • At the same time it can increase the volume of orders processed by being available 24/7 and therefore it is able to meet the initial requirements of all customers.

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