Na stáži v Grantonu, studuje na Ewha Womans University

My thoughts before being part of the Granton team

Ever since I gained my bachelor in International Business and Management, I have been looking for a job outdoors. Nonetheless, technology has always been my point of attraction; in a certain way I thought I could get into the technical work and also be part of an organic workflow company, which could actually allow me to live deeply the working experience and feel close to the nature at the same time.

South Korea achievement

At the same time when I was looking for this type of job, I was also considering studying abroad (my expectations to get to know the world were pretty high and still are) so by the beginning of the 2021 I applied to the Global Korea Scholarship and got officially awarded with the scholarship by the beginning of July, with a one year language induction and a master degree in two other fields.. Simultaneously, before receiving the official results, I was going through Granton Abroad process recruitment, the idea of expansion and the qualifications they were looking for to fill the position matched my experience so I took the opportunity to apply.

I remember clearly that when I got accepted at the GKS, I needed to inform Granton officially due to an exchange period that was required for the job. Finally, getting accepted by Granton, I got hugely satisfied about how we could reach an agreement on how to do it remotely and match the time zones, everything was uncertain at that moment but we managed to make a plan….

Living the Czech and South Korean culture:

Of course it is more than just to make video calls with locals from another country to get profound feelings about the culture. However, the global sensation I was always aiming for, I can still feel. Let me explain this to you a little bit further. 

Time zones are actually not so much of an issue. In fact, here in South Korea we are 7 hours ahead of Europe, so it’s quite great for me as it allows me to focus on my studies and other stuff to enjoy the GKS experience. And once we built an achievement plan for me in order to cooperate with Granton and to learn as much as I can during the process, with their help and flexibility I am achieving balance for everything. 

Meetings are quite amazing! People are super interesting, each one of them has their own personality that makes them stand out, and I do really enjoy to share with them not only the part of the job description assigned, but additionally to practice business English and share my mother tongue - Spanish (these classes are the top!)

Granton is a well-suited company in an organic workflow for suuuuuure! And being an intern here It’s like WOW  , I do foresee a great enhancement in my professional career. Everything can be arranged and done properly in Granton.

During my studies for the masters, it is a perfect time for vacations and get to know more places. I do wish and expect to have a chance to get to know finally Granton in Prague. I’ve been in Prague last year, but I do think it will be completely different experience to walk it hand in hand with Granton’s team and go for hiking, get some of the most famous beers known worldwide with the bunch of locals! And of course, taste delicious food, and for sure share my part of the Peruvian culture, dances and cuisine with them! Well, I will wait eagerly!! Until then take care.

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